Launch your online course as a chatbot

Increase your students' engagement and completion rates by 200% with the power of roBOTised education and marketing.

Manage your bots with web, desktop or mobile app

Explore new opportunities
for online education
Educational materials, assessment-marking, and other interactions with a teacher —
all of these is now available via the Messenger.

Replace your LMS (Learning Management System) with the chatbot that can track students' progress and guide them through their tailored education plans.

Design lessons
in your own way

Use our built-in 🛡 content protection feature 🛡 that will prevent your contents from being shared or downloaded without permission.
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Go beyond standard messages 💬 with our drag & drop lessons builder.
Mobile-friendly contents turn into professional web pages in few minutes 🚀

Tests and quizzes with gamification and time limits

Give points for correct answers, make learning fun and rewarding
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Or sign up for 7 day free trial and create your own chatbot
Pretests allow the chatbot to measure the level of proficiency for each student and define individuals' learning curve accordingly.

Prior knowledge tests

Create knowledge tests with the wide range of scoring models. Grant access to the next lesson only after successful completion.

Knowledge assessment

Apply different question scenarios according to students' answers. Time limits can be applied.

Final assessment

Homework via
1-to-1 discussion boards

Provide your feedback on submitted homework and mark the completion status

Built-in interface
for students to submit their homework within a chatbot

Assign the homework

Check the homework via web or mobile app


Any file type — audio, video and even voice messages

Use any content

Provide your feedback to each student via the
1-to-1 chat within chatbot


Messengers work best not only in education but also in sales and marketing
Forget about old-school emails that are never opened. Stay in touch with your students via messengers build sales funnels and let your sales & support teams respond individually.

Professional marketing tools that power your sales

From bulk and targeted campaigns to complex sales funnels

Design automated series of messages that will be sent in a certain sequence

Sales funnels

Get more leads with the power of quiz-based marketing and collect more insights about your audience

Quizzes and polls

Sell or support via direct messaging. Save time with the power of predefined quick replies

1-to-1 chats

Let your bot follow any interactive script based on users' responses

Conversation scripts

Get extra free months with annual payment


7 days
Up to 5 000 bot subscribers!

All features included except:

- Own domain for your bot
- API access

limit of 10 videos to upload


per month
Up to 25 000 bot subscribers in total

All features included with no limits!


49 USD
per month
Unlimited subscribers

All features included

Personal account manager

Add your own domain

WhiteLabel your interface


Individual quote
request for proposal
1 chatbot
1 chatbot
5 chatbots
Unlimited chatbots
29 USD
All features included

When setting up an online course don't have to configure integrations with other platforms.

All you need to launch your online course is already available in the WinWinBot's interface, made easy to design the sales, support and curriculum for your students.

Try WinWinBot now!

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