MLM Chatbot to Automate Your Referral Marketing

Supports Telegram and Viber. Automates sales funnel for you and your partners.

What is an MLM chatbot?

When people use messengers like Viber or Telegram, they have contacts. A chatbot is also a contact, but the key difference is: it is automatic, like those voice menus you could hear everywhere. The chatbot sends prescribed messages to prospects at specified time intervals gradually increasing the "tension". And at some point the prospect becomes your new partner.

Since the entire MLM funnel is automated – whether it takes just a few messages or a whole bunch of them – with WinWinBot you can spread your business much faster and with less effort.

Here is why you need a chatbot

Put this simply: WinWinBot takes the burden of communicating with prospects from you completely. Set it up once, and start inviting. The chatbot does the rest faster and more efficiently than you.
Automatic sales pipeline
Create a series of automatic messages tailored to each particular subscriber of your chatbot. Find potential partners and invite them to subscribe. WinWinBot will automatically heat them up to quickly secure a new partnership for you.
Mass messaging to subscribers
Automatically send promo messages, photos and video to selected subscriber segments to instantly generate new sales or put the squeeze on uncertain. Segment prospects as you want using flexible conditions and arbitrary parameters.
Build your team faster
Share your best WinWinBot messaging templates with your partners to help them build their networks too. Just give them your ref-code and they will instantly have the chatbot preconfigured and ready to generate leads.

Everything is simpler with WinWinBot

You need to manage a contact list manually, as well as to write down appointments and "need to call back later" notes to self.
You handle every customer yourself, spending your time even on potentially fruitless communications.
You train your new partners yourself, developing and explaining your scripts and pitches to every one of them.
Notepad like in 80's
Personal sales only
Hindered growth
Chatbot keeps your contacts
Every single prospect is right here, broken down and categorized, so you instantly see where's everyone in your MLM funnel.
Automatic funneling
Each customer is heated up automatically by the chatbot. You only keep an eye on stats and optimize pitches for even higher conversion.
Templates for faster growth
Spend 5 minutes setting the chatbot for your partner and share your template. Now he is as effective as you, and your network grows like crazy!
No chatbot
✓ With WinWinBot

Marketing pipeline, visualized

For every subscriber you see what stage he or she has reached so far. Thanks to flexible segmenting, you can target you next pitch to those who haven't finished the last step of your chatbot

Compare chatbot with your other options

Surely, there are plenty of ways to seek prospects and communicate with them. But, let's take a closer look:
A chat or a group in a messenger
A channel in a messenger
Email marketing
1-on-1 communication (results in higher conversion)
Only admins can publish message
One-click subscription, no double opt-in required
Mass messaging
Track open/click statistics
Automatic answer processing, easy surveys, interactive elements, buttons
Instant sharing of message templates for faster network growth


7 days free trial, no credit card required!
1 chatbot

up to 100 subscribers

Let me try

3 $ / month
or pay 30$ annually for 12 months
✓ 5 chatbots

✓ Up to 1000 subscribers in total

✓ Create bots based on templates of other subscribers

✓ One-level partner network (see below)


15 $ / month
or pay 135$ annually for 12 months
Реферальные ссылки на партнерские чат-боты
10 chatbots

Up to 10000 subscribers in total

Create templates to use by other subscribers' bots

Three-level partner network (see below)


80 $ / month
or pay 650$ annually for 12 monts

Here's what others say about WinWinBot

Ольга Б.
Я работаю параллельно на обычной работе в банке и в сетевом бизнесе.

Я активно строю свою сеть, но чем больше у меня потребителей, тем больше и больше вопросов от новичков и всем приходится отвечать одно и то же.
Я создала чат-бот: записала 7 видео-роликов по 10 минут, которые рассылаются раз в день и просто стала всем знакомым отправлять ссылку на мой чат-бот.

Я уже и забыла кому отправляла ссылки, а люди продолжают писать мне восторженные сообщения и делать заказы. И друг другу пересылают моего бота сами. База растет и бизнес растет :)
Екатерина М.
Наш проект - онлайн-школа мобильной фотографии.

Мы используем для размещения уроков онлайн-платформу, но наши ученики постоянно теряют свои пароли, им неудобно постоянно заходить в платформу чтобы смотреть дальше уроки курса, отчего до конца обучения доходили лишь 10-15%.

Недавно мы решили провести один поток курса в чат-боте и остались очень довольны. Мы отправляли уроки и домашние задания по расписанию через чат-бота. Обратная связь от учеников была очень положительная, думаем перевести всё обучение в бота!
Светлана Д.
Финансовые услуги для бизнеса.

Мы продаем наши услуги преимущественно на вебинарах и бизнес-завтраках, и нам важно чтобы все, кто регистрируется на них, потом приходили. Ведь мы вкладываем деньги в трафик.

Раньше мы использовали регистрацию через email, и до наших вебинаров, несмотря на прогревающие рассылки, доходило примерно 20%. Когда мы заменили регистрацию через email на подписку через чат-бот, доходимость выросла до 53%. Это значит, что потенциальный клиент нам стал стоить более чем в 2 раза дешевле!

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